Texas Toast Recipe



Even a traditional crusty baguette garlic bread, in my opinion, cannot compare to a slice of buttery, garlicky, golden Texas toast. Texas toast is always my first option because, my friends, there is nothing better than that double-sided butter garlic joy. Yes, you butter the bread on BOTH sides.

Using Texas sandwich bread and my own homemade garlic butter, I had to make my own handmade garlic bread of course. When it’s so simple to create, there’s no reason to purchase the frozen goods at the supermarket.

Texas toast

Texas toast is a double-thick slice of bread that is first spread with garlic butter and then customarily barbecued on a hot grill, flipping it over to toast both sides evenly to a buttery, golden brown perfection (a Texas BBQ culinary innovation). Texas toast bread is a sliced, square-baked loaf of bread that you can purchase; it works with this recipe as well. The choice is yours, although I like the smaller, thicker-sliced rounded top loaves as you can see in my images.

Creating Texas toast

I never truly grill Texas toast; instead, I bake it in the oven like you would frozen Texas toast. But after using this technique, I seriously doubt you’ll ever make garlic bread again. This is always the first option for my family when asked.

Pre-heat your oven and get out a sizable baking sheet.

Butter, garlic, and parsley are combined. If preferred, you can substitute my handmade garlic butter recipe, which contains a few more ingredients that make it truly wonderful! Lay the bread on a baking pan after spreading a generous amount on either side. Bake in the oven until crisp and browned on both sides. Enjoy after serving.

Texas toast on the grill

This Texas toast can definitely be grilled the conventional way! Simply toast it until each side is browned and crispy on the grill. As it cooks in a pool of melted garlic butter while browning, I find that making it in the oven really yields better results than grilling. Just take a look at the evenly browning and crispy edges; grilling makes it difficult to achieve that.

How to make Texas toast

Texas toast is a must-have while eating beef lasagna, but you can also try it with my shrimp alfredo, spaghetti pie, or my cheese chicken spaghetti!

In general, it fits with any type of pasta, but hey, give it a shot with a handmade Caesar salad or grilled salmon prepared similarly to what restaurants do!

Since groceries aren’t always in stock, it’s a good idea to keep this dish on hand. Mike and I have been attempting to make practically everything we often purchase at home. Even if supplies are unaffected once again, we plan to continue cooking homemade Texas toast rather than buying the frozen variety; it’s a keeper!

Have fun cooking!


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