Samsung at last gets Bluetooth earbuds right

Samsung bluetooth headphones

Samsung bluetooth headphones pix by Samsung

Granted, this information is perhaps a little too late. Samsung’s sold from this free Galaxy Buds (Samsung bluetooth headphones) it had been projecting in with S10 pre-orders.

Much like lots of fellow S10 reviewers, I have been utilizing the Buds for around a week now. And I have been digging them the entire time.

This certainly is not Samsung’s first wireless earbud rodeo, but honestly, it required the business to take over a few pages from Apple’s playbook to get things straight here.

The Galaxy Buds are heavily motivated by the AirPods’ easy”just works” strategy into the group, bucking Samsung’s trend to overstuff products. That strategy mainly works like a charm on smartphones, but the very best thing a pair of earbuds are able to do is fade in the background. On this front, the Galaxy Buds works just like a charm.

Samsung bluetooth headphones
pix by Samsung

The AirPod comparisons are apparent that the minute you start the Galaxy Buds instance first time, activating a dialogue box on the display of your Galaxy device. Much like Apple’s variant, the cans will work with any Bluetooth device, but they work with the organization’s own products. Ecosystems, individuals. For other Android apparatus, you will want to download Samsung’s SmartThings or Galaxy Wearable programs for the appropriate effect.

Charging samsung bluetooth headphones

The charging instance itself is a little bulkier and bulbous compared to the AirPods, but it is definitely small enough to carry around on your jeans pockets.

The situation provides two additional distinct advantages:

There is a charging light onto the exterior
It may be charged
Apple’s no doubt working on this latter piece with the AirPods two (recall AirPower?), but Samsung’s defeat the company into the punch here and for that matter, together with Wireless PowerShare, which permits you to control the situation simply by putting it on the rear of the S10. This has been just one less cable I had to pack.

The battery needs to last you some time, no matter. I know I did not run out of juice throughout the day.

The Galaxy Buds (samsung bluetooth headphones) match well along with the silicon tips must be certain they match more ear dimensions. Additionally, they form a wonderful seal, maintaining the sound in and thickly canceling out ambient sound. They will stay put pretty well — I did not have some problems keeping them at the gym. It is not the best I have heard in a set of wireless buds, but it is absolutely fine for walking around and hitting the coffee store.

In general, a wonderful little surprise in Samsung, and also a fantastic improvement to the Galaxy ecosystem. Maybe they are even great enough to convince Samsung to fall the headphone jack, but hopefully not.


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