Jameson Green Tea Shot Recipe



In search of a tasty and simple cocktail recipe? The Jameson green tea shot, which is sweet and delicious, is your only option. This whiskey-based beverage is ideal for events of any kind. The best part is that it’s easy to create; simply stick to these basic instructions.

Just in time for tailgating and the holidays, I’m sending you all a ton of cocktail recipes! Caramel Apple Sangrias, creamy and luscious Strawberry Pink Starburst Shots, and sweet Godiva White Chocolate Martinis are all prepared for your holiday gathering.

These well-liked shots, a sweet-sour whiskey beverage created by the Jameson Whiskey Corporation, simply call for four basic ingredients: Jameson Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, sour mix, and a dash of lemon-lime soda.

Make these citrusy-peachy party shots whenever you need them since they’re so simple to make and delicious!

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A Green Tea Shot Is What?

The Jameson green tea shooter has no genuine tea, so it won’t help you prevent heart disease.

The drink has a very “summer” flavor. A green tea shot has a flavor that is fruity, tangy, sweet, and fizzy. If you add more lemon-lime soda, it becomes a sweet shot and an excellent cocktail.

Required Equipment

The bartending jigger, which has all the measures on it for you, is a necessity when creating cocktails.

Cocktail shaker: When the drink is shaken, you can actually taste the difference.

Shot Glasses: For my photos, I really used these cute 5 ounce snifters! Admire them.


The recipe card is at the bottom of this post and includes all of the ingredients, measurements, and printable instructions.

Peach liquor. You may purchase this peach liqueur in any liquor store. It is quite sweet and has a distinct peachy flavor.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is typically used to make green tea shots. Use your favorite brand if you don’t have it! blend of sweet and sour. It is a mixture of simple syrup and lemon and lime juice, which gives it a tart flavor. It is available in most grocery stores and your neighborhood liquor store.

citrus-lime drink. Sprite adds a little sweet fizziness to the drink, which I really like.

A Green Tea Shot Recipe

For this straightforward whiskey shot, combine the whiskey, peach schnapps, and sweet and sour mix in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Shake well before pouring into shot glasses.

Then add the fizzy lemon-lime soda on top. Enjoy with a squeeze of lime!

Pro Tips And Variations

Try the vodka-based white tea shot instead of the whiskey version if you don’t like whiskey. Replace the whiskey with an equal amount of vodka; it’s that easy. Even sweeter than the green tea shot version, the flavor is!

Lacking a cocktail shaker? It works perfectly with a lidded Mason jar!

If you prefer a non-fizzy drink, substitute lemonade or lime juice for the lemon-lime soda!


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