Grimace Shake Recipe



The popular McDonald’s milkshake can now be enjoyed at home whenever you want it thanks to this tasty and simple recipe for the grimace shake!

When it was in the spotlight, the McDonald’s Grimace Birthday Shake generated a lot of noise. However, there’s no reason to worry now that it’s gone. Making your own Grimace Shake at home is simple and only requires a few basic ingredients.

The purple Grimace Birthday Shake is simple to make. Simply combine the ingredients in a blender, and for an extra splash of fun, top with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.

The darker shade evocative of the shakes offered at McDonald’s can be achieved by adding a drop or two of purple food coloring, which is optional but precisely captures Grimace’s signature color.

Why not attempt this Grimace Birthday Shake recipe if you haven’t got a chance to or find yourself yearning its flavor? You won’t be let down!

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Who Is Grace?

Grimace, a purple mascot for McDonald’s, is thought to be either a milkshake’s personification or a taste bud. Who do you suppose he is?

A Grimace Shake Is What?

For a brief period in June 2023, McDonald’s offered a purple shake known as the Grimace Shake. It was released as a Grimace Birthday Meal promotion and on Grimace’s birthday.

What Taste Does A Grimace Shake Have?

It is purple in color and has a berry flavor with a touch of vanilla.

Ingredients for a grimace shake include blueberries, raspberries, vanilla ice cream, whole milk, whipped cream, and optional purple food coloring.

Optional rainbow sprinkles

Required Equipment

  • Blender: For a smooth consistency in this recipe, use a high-quality, high-powered blender.
    If you don’t have milkshake glasses, you can substitute tall glasses.
  • Straws: You can use paper, plastic, glass, or stainless steel straws with this milkshake.
  • Ice Cream Scooper: To remove the ice cream from the carton, use a nice, sturdy ice cream scooper.
  • Measuring Cups: As long as they can accurately measure the components, any kind will do.

The Grimace Shake Recipe

Blend the blueberries, raspberries, whole milk, vanilla ice cream, and optional food coloring until the mixture is smooth.

The milkshake should be poured into a glass, then topped with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and a straw. Enjoy!

Use frozen berries to give the milkshake a richer and more uniform consistency.

  • Freeze glasses for 15 to 30 minutes to help keep milkshakes cooler for longer.
  • If the ice cream is too hard, let it soften on the counter for a while.
  • Add a little bit more milk and blend if the milkshake is too thick.
  • If the milkshake is too thin, blend in more ice cream.

If you want the blueberry flavor to be stronger, add extra blueberries.


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