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Nothing is more professional than having well-designed business cards to capture attention. Good business cards can bring you many opportunities. It is an integral part of your marketing efforts, and it plays an important role in getting your business out there. All you need is the right design, the right material, and the right finish. Especially if you are CEO, your business card should have a contemporary design that makes a good impression on the prospects. Take a notion from the following business cards of billionaires CEOs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and more.

How do you write the CEO on a business card?

When you receive the card and read the CEO next to the name, you may think that sounds fancy. But actually, the CEO business card is not more than the title of CEO. If you are a CEO and want to create your own business card and don’t know how you write it to show your CEO-ish things, follow the tips below.

• Don’t write a list of titles:

There is no need to write a list of titles; just write the CEO next to your name and mention the company name.

• Use something playful:

Treat your business card as an opportunity to show your personal side or bold statement if that suits to your business as Mark Zuckerberg did, ‘I’m CEO, b****.’

What is a CEO of a company?

CEO is the acronym of Chief Executive Officer who has the responsibility of the planning, creating, integrating, and implementing the strategic direction of an organization or company. The CEO also ensures that the organization’s leadership maintains the continuous awareness of the expansion opportunities, new industry developments, internal and external competitive landscape, customer base, and more.

Founder and CEO business card

Here are some stunning business cards of famous founders and CEOs.

Bill Gates

CEO business card

Bill Gates needs no introduction. He is not only Microsoft’s principal founder, investor, author, and humanitarian but second wealthiest person on this planet. At Microsoft, he held the positions of chairman, CEO, and CSA (chief software architect). However, he is a billionaire CEO; his business card design is simple than what you would imagine. His latest business card has the corporate design and retro reiteration of the Microsoft logo.

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO business card

Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO of Facebook, has been among the top 10 wealthiest persons in the world. He was also included in the list of world’s most influential people in the year 2016. Zuckerberg has two sets of business cards. One is formal that identifies him as a chief executive officer or CEO while the other is quite bold with the title “I’m CEO, bitch.” His business cards are formal yet elegant.

Meg Whitman

CEO business card

Meg Whitman has worked with Walt Disney, Hasbro, and Procter & Gamble, but she is better known as the CEO and President of HP. The business card of Meg Whitman is quite simple yet stunning that can capture the attention of anyone.

Michael Dell

CEO business card

As the name suggests, Michael Dell is the founder and CEO of Dell technologies. He is also an investor and entrepreneur. As far as his business card is concerned, Michael keeps his business card remarkably simple rather than give it a fancy-look. His business card features the colossal PC’s Limited logo that is enough to tell you what he does or where he works.

President and CEO on a business card

Abraham Lincoln

CEO business card

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the USA, and his pre-presidential business card is the real treasure. He was the most famous and important president in the history of America. Americans took him as a stern and sophisticated person, but his business card shows off his great sense of humor.

Richard Nixon:

CEO business card

Richard Nixon is the most controversial figure in American political history, but his business card doesn’t show you his complicated nature. His business card features sharp font and remarkably simple design.

Donald Trump:

Donald Trump business card

Donald Trump is the current president of America, who is famous for his bold moves and silly comments. He is a real estate magnate and TV personality, and his card shows off his flamboyant personality. A golden logo embellishes this business card, and we are not surprised. You can expect the same from the outspoken and ostentatious leader.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama business card

Obama is the most favorite POTUS of the people of America. He was the first African American who elected twice. Before he became president, his card was designed by a professional graphic designer. His card was simple but designed in a traditional government style. However, it is simple, but it is still eye-catching.

Steve Jobs

Steven Jobs

Steve Jobs is a person who changed the world. Jobs have a lot of technological inventions under his belt. He is famous as a CEO, co-founder, and chairman of Apple Inc. At the start of his career, his business card was surprisingly stylish in its design with classy font usage.

Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang

Jerry yang is better known as the co-founder and former CEO of YAHOO. His business card was a little bit haughty but with some fun approach.

John F. Kennedy

John F Kennedy

John F. Kennedy has a special place in the heart of the American people. He was the senator before becoming the 35th President of the USA. His senator’s business card was simple, but with the touch of elegancy. His card featured the raised Gold Seal on the upper left corner.

What do Founder and CEO mean?

The founder is the person who has the defined idea to start a new business. But he/she may or may not have the human resource or funds to realize it. In other words, the term founder describes one’s relationship with the history of the business. For instance, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne will always be Apple’s founders.

On the other hand, the term CEO (chief executive officer) describes your organization’s position. In other words, the CEO is the person who is placed in the highest rank of a company and who has the most extensive powers to act on behalf of the company. These functions may sometimes be exercised by two different people: a Chairman and a Managing Director. For example, Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple Inc.

Bottom Line:

In this “all-digital” era, the business card remains the essential object of prospecting: it is a useful investment to develop your network and leave a positive and lasting impression on all your professional meetings. Take inspirations from the above incredible examples of famous CEO business cards and create your own that make you stand out.



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