Disney LOL Kid-Friendly App

Disney LOL

Disney is creating short videos accessible to fans in a familiar, family-friendly format via its new app Disney LOL.

The program is free and available for iOS and Android devices in the U.S. and Canada.

“We are creating content for digitally native families every single day, and these new experiences offer Disney tales and personalities in formats that are familiar to our audience,” Michael Hundgen, Disney’s director of content strategy and editorial for consumer products and interactive websites, said in a statement.

“Our audience engages when we interpret classic Disney stories in new ways, with bite-sized, shareable pieces of content relatable to all ages,” continued Hudgens. “With Disney LOL, we’re making it possible for lovers to enjoy secure and dependable Disney content at the most accessible way.”

A Disney LOL portal site has established along with the program and also will feature interactive videos, games, jokes and trivia.

The company also announced it’s launching a Mickey Video program, which will contain short-form Disney movies that are around five minutes for kids and families. Mickey Video will be accessible for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.


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