4 Vanilla Liqueur Brands

Vanilla Liqueur

The vanilla liqueur is a combo of a spirit and this flavoring. Various kinds of alcohol are employed in different brands. These many alcohols combine with the vanilla flavoring in multiple ways. Choose the brand that tastes best to you.

1. Navan Natural

Brandy is made of wine, and it is typically served with water or ice. Several dessert recipes involve the use of brandy due to the rich flavor. A kind of vanilla liqueur cognac (a member of this brandy family) is Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur. It is manufactured by Grand Marnier, a high-end producer of cognac. Grand Marnier uses natural vanilla beans, not extract, giving Navan a smooth and spicy vanilla taste.

2. Vanille Royale

Vanille Royale is a combination of French vanilla creme and cognac. The cognac offers richness. The French vanilla creme brings smoothness. The mix makes a rich, creamy, almost buttery flavor, with a semblance of depth. This alcohol feels much more massive and dense compared to liqueur-like Navan. The density of the liqueur subdues the vanilla flavor, which makes it subtle when blended.

3. Kajmir Drinks

Kajmir Vanilla Liqueur is a mixture of vanilla flavoring, brandy, and vodka. This combines the sweet vanilla flavor. The wealthy brandy tastes along with the bitterness of vodka. Kajmir is a lighter, more airy liqueur, using this flavor up front along with a mildly bitter aftertaste.

4. Kahlua French Vanilla

Kahlua is famous for its liqueurs. Kahlua French Vanilla liqueur provides a thick French taste with notes of coffee flavoring. Kahlua is made with vodka. Therefore there’s a bitterness, but it is easily concealed when mixing this thick liqueur using a non-alcoholic beverage. It works nicely with coffee and coffee-related drink recipes.

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