20 Modern Furniture For The Futuristic Home

futuristic furniture

The layout will keep changing to match the latest trends, tastes, and functionality needs of today’s buyers. The same can be evidently seen in cellular phones, PC keyboards, gaming consoles as well as in mugs. This creative method to re-invent product layouts as we understand it is not lost in a different important component of our everyday life: home futuristic furniture. Granted, some layouts will look cooler and more comfortable than many others but pay more attention to contemporary designs.

That is the reason I’d like to highlight some contemporary designs in futuristic furniture that could possibly grace our homes in the not-so-distant future. For some blessed home and office owners, the future is already here. Here are 20 of the awe-inspiring futuristic furniture designs found all around the Web.

1. Z. Island

Designed for Scholtes by renowned Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid this innovative prototype layout includes a touchscreen control panel, heating membranes, sound activators, aromatic odor packs, LED lights together with a multimedia entertainment system which comes with a flat-screen TV along with your own Apple mac mini which would complement any modern-day home. If the Starship Enterprise needed a kitchen, surely this could take center stage! Beam me up, Scotty!

futuristic furniture

2. Concoon Bed

Wasserbetten has taken layout to fresh intergalactic peaks and touched on the rings of Saturn with this amazing bed using innovative technology and incorporating a Yacht design. This mattress would actually feel more at home in space than the bedroom. It includes built-in surround audio, curative lighting, water bed sound, and a water mattress to simulate the weightlessness of space.

futuristic furniture

3. Innermost Asteroid Lamp

We all want is the asteroid to follow the Concoon mattress… Perhaps this 24-facet Innermost Asteroid indoor/outdoor Lamp made by Koray Ozgen will do the trick. This exceptional space-age lamp includes 24 facets, which makes it an asteroid look and the ideal one-of-a-kind light source for your home.

futuristic furniture

4. Kure Family Dining Table

Created by Turkish programmer Faith Can Sarioz, whose inspiration might have come from the animated show, that the Jetsons, this dining table features the revolutionary notion of a sphere that may be closed to conserve space. Open this pod-like dining table blossoms like a flower and seats. It houses a light in the middle with a shining blue light at the bottom.

futuristic furniture

5. Hi-Can High Fidelity Canopy

Designed by Edoardo Carlino, this mattress is the ultimate rollercoaster’s fantasy! Shaped like a metallic box, this elegant and visually stunning sleeping pod is (ironically) a full-fledged multimedia entertainment system! It includes a reading lamp, a solid system, consoles, HD dividers, and a projector that encloses you. From the comfort of your bed, you can control everything, including your bed’s motion.

futuristic furniture

6. EBB “Bathroom Furniture”

Made by together, this multi-purpose toilet futuristic furniture feature screams simplicity and comprises an all-in-one layout that contains a sink basin, bathtub, and a shower.

futuristic furniture

7. Nuab Sofa

This stylish futuristic couch is handcrafted with stainless steel. Do not you think that this sofa looks Superman’s space ship half cut?

futuristic furniture
Pix wood-furniture.biz


Award-winning artists David Koo and Zheng Yawei have produced this revolutionary concept design. Using a magnetic force, the base will levitate a soft upper cushion. This physics-defying couch may be the perfect place to drift into dreamland after a long day at work.

futuristic furniture

9. Ecotypic Bed

Produced by Arthur Xin, this mattress brings around the next generation of eco-living/sleeping. Equipped with LEDs to help the plants grow, in addition to speakers to play music which lull you to sleep, this bed comes with its own power-generating system. All of the activities, such as weight lifting, in and around the bed, are converted to energy, making it 100% eco-friendly. The most important highlight of the bed is that the integrated plants, which are encouraged by a built-in planter.

futuristic furniture

10. Melting Point TV Stand

The Melting Point TV stand, made by Erhan Afsaroglu who said that his inspiration came out of a waterfall before it strikes the ground. This smooth, seamless jointed rack was created using LG Hi-macs. Fixed to the wall, this unit looks as though it is floating in the atmosphere while the LED lights underneath further amplify the result.

futuristic furniture
Pix decoist

11. Toyo Isola S Kitchen Island

Made by Toyo Kitchens, this kitchen futuristic furniture can fit into any space. The innovative Ying Yang layout is accompanied by three electric cooker rings, a sink, and loads of space for all your kitchenware in the fancy corrugated drawers. Like Ying and Yang, this design fuses into perfect balance, modern layout, and practicality.

futuristic furniture

12. Exspoze Table

Designed by Nuvist, this modern dining table is inspired by the natural curvature of dwelling organisms. The lines are integrated into one another. The table could be turned and twisted in almost any direction.

futuristic furniture
Pix arthitectural

13. Arc Shower System

Designed by David Koo, this magnificent hi-tech shower is capable of shifting between normal mode and an energy-saving mode by recycling hot water on site. This second-generation water process is far more energy-efficient ththanurrent day pops. The device comes equipped with a touch screen panel along with temperature and pressure control buttons.

futuristic furniture

14. Cruzador

This intergalactic deck seat is an innovative layout made by Pedro Silva. Not only does it look aesthetically futuristic, but it’s also very comfortable. Using high-quality fiberglass, leather along with a chrome construction, this deck chair are the best way to relax under the sky of a distant galaxy.

futuristic furniture

15. Affinity Chair

They say seeing is believing, but not in regards to the next layout. Ben Alun-Jones’ affinity chair tries the impossible by re-creating the effect of invisibility by exploring light and space. Using one-way mirror film, plastic oil, LEDs and ultrasonic detectors the chair cloaks itself and blends into its surroundings. The futuristic feature also has the power to interact with people, by flashing LED’s the closer you get to the seat.

futuristic furniture

16. i-Sopod

This revolutionary bathroom tub design is your handy work of i-sopod. Like a car straight from a sci-fi film, this bathroom tub is built using doubled skinned GRP mouldings. Whilst open, the bathtub lights up like a Christmas tree using its own in-built LEDs to create the perfect ambiance. The tub comes with its own mp3 player and has the latest filtration system.

futuristic furniture

17. Volna Floor-mounted table

This trendy table by Nuvist resembles it’s been teleported from the future. Made using the most recent technology and innovative materials, this innovative design has a levitating impact with a wave-like body motivated by the flow of liquid. Sleek, sexy, and glossy, this futuristic desk is for the man of tomorrow, today.

futuristic furniture

18. Brandt Aion Kitchen

Antoine Lebrun’s modern design is an eco-multifunctional kitchen comprising electromechanical technology. Special plants developed by the aerospace sector with cleaning and filtering properties supply always renewable, clean soap and water. The device also contains a cooking surface and sink. It comes with an inbuilt dishwasher in which dirty dishes can be placed to the sink and thoroughly washed.

futuristic furniture

19. Fiesta Lighted Bar

Now, space-age hat home could be complete without a futuristic bar? Fortunately, Vondom has the answer. The Fiesta Lighted Bar illuminates the groomed comes with a remote that allows modifications to the color of the lights. Sun- and – water-resistant for outdoor or indoor use, the pub comes equipped with storage shelves for simple access.

futuristic furniture

20. Hold The Line

This bench is the brainchild of Austrian designer Christian Precht. This creative bench employs a loop design, turning and twisting like a nebula letting for various seating positions. Connected using multiple elastic 3D fibers, this seat can be taken apart and organized in almost any place you desire.

futuristic furniture


So there you go, the futuristic furniture layouts that the Starship Enterprise would be envious of. Which one is your favorite and which one would you like to have in your home? Leave your opinions.


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